Don’t Smash Your Blueberries into the Carpet, and other important lessons.

April 28, 2012 · 10:36 am

Nati is two and a half.  I love that he is more and more able to express his insanely creative imagination.  I love that he can (usually) tell me what he wants and needs.  It’s SO much easier than that never ending game of Charades where the only clue was screaming.  But I still sometimes wonder how much he understands of what I try to communicate.  We do time outs often, and at the end, I have him repeat after me.

Me: “Are you going to hit daddy with the wrench again? Say noooooo.”

Nati: “Nooooooo.”

Me: “Say, ‘Sorry, Dada.'”

Nati: “Sorry, Dada.”

I sometimes (every day) let Nati eat his breakfast in the living room.  That way, I can catch up on those few extra moments of sleep that I need in order to be able to fully open my eyelids while Nati watches cartoons.  This is what breakfast, complements of Yohannes, looks like:Breakfast

Yes, it’s so healthy and wonderful, if only he would eat more than two bites.  Also, it has blueberries.  I can’t even count the number of times that I have had a “conversation” with Nati about throwing his blueberries onto the carpet.  In fact, right now, as I’m typing this, I can see about ten distinct blueberry marks on the carpet.  Luckily, the carpet already looks like a wrinkled paper bag, so the stains add more than they detract.

The other day, Nati woke up grumpy.  Who wouldn’t, after going to bed at 2am.  Yes, I said 2am. In other words, I had to stay up because he wouldn’t go to sleep, so we were both up till 2am and both of us were grumpy.  Nati wanted to go downstairs, but I asked him to wait, because Lily was still asleep.  He then grabbed my phone and threw it down behind the back of the bed where it is SO hard to reach that each time I retrieve it I’m afraid my arm will get pinned in there and have to be amputated.

Several minutes later when I was ready to go downstairs, I said, “Nati, I want you to say sorry to your mommy.”

I was about to remind to him what he had done and why he should apologize, when he said, “I’m sorry, Mommy. I threw your phone behind the bed.”

Success. 🙂

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