June 9, 2012 · 8:00 am

If you are the parent of a toddler and you hear a crashing sound nearby, it is probably your child’s fault.  Just a few days ago, Nati dropped a ceramic bowl on the ground while reaching up to get something from the counter.  I came rushing in at the sound, hoping that he wasn’t about to walk around with glass on the floor and that it wasn’t anything we would miss too much.  To be fair, we are down to less than 50% of the glass items we received as wedding gifts and most of those were not Nati’s fault.  I guess Yohannes and I just never matured to the glass-handling level that most adults achieve.  Our son seems destined to follow in our footsteps.

One thing that puts the terror of a crashing sound to shame is the crashing sound immediately followed by a scream.  Yesterday as I was walking through a clothing store, that is exactly what I heard.  I whirled around to see Nati pinned to the floor by a mirror frame.  The mirror itself was laying in jagged shards all around.  I rushed over and pulled the mirror off of him as he screamed and cried and then held him at arms length so that I could assess his injuries.  I did a quick once over and then started from head to toe checking every inch of his body.  This kid was literally laying in a bed of 6″ glass daggers and did not have a single scratch on him.

We both sat on the floor for a few minutes to calm down before I went to find an employee. “WHAT KIND OF STORE LEAVES AN UNACHORED MIRROR LEANING AGAINST THE WALL IN THE KIDS’ SECTION!” I screamed at them. In my head.  In real life, I said, “A MIRROR JUST FELL ON MY SON AND SHATTERED HE’S FINE THERE’S GLASS EVERYWHERE.”  Still in all caps and with no punctuation, because I’m pretty sure that’s exactly how I said it.  Also, I’m sure my eyes were bugging out of my head.

“Oh. We’ll go get a dust pan and clean it up.”

That’s it.  The first person I tell of this ordeal, and that’s the anticlimactic response that I get.

On the other hand, I don’t think we need any further proof that breaking a mirror is not bad luck.  Someone is seriously looking out for this kid.

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