Back Yard

June 28, 2012 · 6:00 pm

Yohannes turned one of our garden boxes into a sandbox this year.  Best 700 lbs of sand he ever lugged into the back yard.  Nati is in heaven.

Happy boy.

Lily spent the morning hanging out on the quilt.

Happy Girl.

Things I like about the back yard include food and flowers, though I apparently know nothing about flowers.




Yellow flower?

Purple Flowers?

Blue flower?

Purple banana flowers?

When Nati finished in the sandbox, he ate raspberries and blueberries as fast as I could pick them.


Things I don’t like about the back yard include wasps, mosquitoes, and the spider that crawled across my sleeping baby’s head.  Also, we have a lot of glass and trash that has been worked into the soil in the past.

I don’t like you, Wasp.

Hello, cracked glass marble in our strawberry patch.

In other news, Lily sucked her thumb for the first time.  Should I be glad that she’s self-soothing, or nip the habit in the bud?  I sucked my thumb as a baby…and toddler…and elementary aged child…so I see how it could become a problem.

Sleepy girl.

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