Yes. One of those.

July 11, 2012 · 5:44 pm

It’s been one of those days when you are halfway through grocery shopping with two fussy kids when you realize that you are not completely over the stomach bug you’ve had for the last few days.  Yes. One of those.  When I got to the checkout line, the elderly lady in front of us looked at me and the kids sympathetically and said, “It can be really hard.”  Thank you, dear lady, for understanding.

We drove home, during which time both fussy kids fell asleep.  Now here was my dilemma:  Do I wake the kids up and sacrifice the few, few moments of peace and quiet that have been allotted to me today, or do I leave the kids in the car while I unload the groceries and then get back in and drive around until they wake up?  You have to understand that I live in the middle of Lancaster City, and not necessarily the nice part of town, though not the worst.  It’s not like I would be parking in my garage, or even driveway.

Still, that’s what I did.  Left the kids in the car on the street, with the keys in the car and the doors unlocked, (doors unlocked because I didn’t want to lock the keys in the car, and keys in the car so the kids had AC and didn’t suffocate.) So I ran back and forth with the groceries, each time panicked that someone might have stolen my car and, inadvertently, my children.  Does this make me a bad parent? (Hint: The answer I’m looking for is, “No.”)

So that was the kind of day it was.  It was also the kind of day where this morning, Nati entertained me by insisting he had two noses and continuously asking me where the other one was.  Then at lunch time, he told me I was his best friend.  (Don’t worry. Daddy was his best friend on Sunday.)  Then, this afternoon, he called me “Sweetie.”  Also, Lily sat quietly in her car seat when she woke up and didn’t wake up Nati. Yes. One of those.

Then I saw a dead possum on the road.

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