DIY Wall Map

August 1, 2012 · 10:46 am

I DIMed! (Did It Myself.)  I’ve been seeing this wall map made by Christy Wright all over Pinterest. It caught my eye, and since we are in the middle of trying to bring our barren walls to life, I decided to give it a try.

DIY Wall Map


What you Need:

1. Three stretched canvases.  I used one 18″ x 24″ for the center, and two 12″ x 24″s for the sides.

2.  Two World Maps.  I used a Rand McNally Classic Edition Wall Map.  (I won’t tell you how long I looked to find the same map as Christy used.  None of the others looked as nice, and my borderline OCD reared it’s ugly head.)  You could get away with one map if you cut it to fit the face of the canvas instead of wrapping it around. (Or if you don’t mind missing gaps of the earth.)

3. Mod Podge and something to spread it with. I cut out an old piece of foam, but it got all over my hands anyway, so I might as well have just used them.

4. Scissors.

Mod Podge…This is something I have only ever seen on Pinterest until now.

Step 1:

Center the 18″x24″ canvas on your first map. (The other two pieces will come out of the second map.)  Crease the edges so you know where the map goes.  Then cut enough extra around the edges to be able to wrap around it. (I used the cut edges of the canvas as a guide to where to cut.

Centered 18″x24″

And cut.

Step 2:

Spread Mod Podge over the canvas.

Pouring Mod Podge

Spreading Mod Podge

Step 3:

Wrap the map around the canvas. Make sure you have it centered the way you wanted it. Use the creases as a guide. I put Mod Podge over the back edges and sides of the canvas before folding the edges of the map around.


Wrapped edge


Step 4:

Line up the second map with the edge of the finished piece.  Make creases along the edge, top and bottom.  (This is where the canvas will line up, not where you will cut.)

Lined up

Step 5: 

Repeat the above steps until all three canvases are complete.  Christy brushed over the front of the maps with Mod Podge. I haven’t done that yet, but might later.


I was fairly happy with how it turned out, although I had to sacrifice the edges of Alaska, Russia and New Zealand, all of Antarctica, a bit of the Arctic, and a few islands.  I was most disappointed that the map got wrinkled, but Yohannes told me he likes the effect and that it makes it look kind of like a terrain map, so I decided to like it better this way too. It was either that, or pull my hair out in frustration. (Again, the borderline OCD.)

Those aren’t wrinkles. The oceans around Australia are just extremely mountainous!

I have to wait until we paint the walls to hang it up. 🙂

6 Thoughts on “DIY Wall Map

  1. Susan Kioko on August 9, 2012 at 5:04 pm said:

    My dea, you are a natural story teller. I could read your blog all day!

  2. this looks awesome. and you conquered mod podge!

  3. andrea on November 5, 2012 at 1:58 pm said:

    Hi there, I was just wondering if you ended up coating the top with mod podge after you were finished? I re-created this project from your tutorial (which I found from Christy’s) and it turned out well, but I am nervous to mod podge on top in case it rips the map or makes it wrinkle. However I still want to protect the surface from fading and people’s fingers! Any input would be helpful!

    Yours looks great btw, and thanks for the detailed instructions!

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