December 31, 2012 · 5:31 pm

Dear blog,

December has been busy. Sorry I neglected you.  How about some Christmas tree decorating tips to save a little time next year?

Step 1: Put up Christmas tree.

Step 2: Carefully string lights on tree.

Step 3: Plug in lights only to find that they don’t work.

Step 4: Wish you would have done steps 2 and 3 in a different order.

Step 5: Unstring lights, check for broken light, growl in frustration, throw away lights, buy new lights, restring lights on tree.

My side of the family decided to make homemade gifts this year. It’s fun to make homemade gifts for Christmas.  The best part is that you  have to get to stay up all night on Christmas Eve to get them done, just like Santa. Speaking of Santa, what do you do when you realize your child actually believes in Santa?  I don’t remember ever believing in Santa.

Christmas morning was lovely.

Nati, Christmas 2012

Nati, Christmas 2012

Lily, Christmas 2012

Lily, Christmas 2012

If only the camera hadn’t stopped working after the first two pictures.

Now it’s New Year’s Eve.  I’ll be using tonight to rest and remember the year fondly.  2013 looks to be brimming with changes, but more on that later. Happy New Year, everyone!

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