Just A Virus

April 29, 2014 · 6:30 am

Dear “Just A Virus”,

You are the worst. Please leave.



P.S. Why are you still here?

It's just a virus.

Sick little boy.

I’ve been MIA from the blog since Nati came down with a fever on Wednesday.  On Saturday, after about 12 hours of his temperature hovering around 105°, Yohannes finally took him to urgent care.  (Yes, we are the parents who took our kid to the doctor because he had a fever. Yes, I know that all the other parents in all of the world know better.)   They checked for strep and pneumonia, but of course it was just a virus, so we continue to wait for the fever to break (it’s been coming down little by little).  We are also waiting for the hammer to fall on the rest of our sleep-deprived immune systems, because vicious cycles are predictable that way.

Meanwhile, I have been perfecting the following parenting skills:

  1. How To Get Your Sick Child To Take Their Medicine: This is easy.  Just make sure the offer of medicine is accompanied by an offer of skittles. 4 a.m. is not traditionally an acceptable time to offer a child skittles, but desperate times call for desperate measures. (Oh, and this will only work once.)
  2. How To Get Your Sick Child to Eat Something: This is also easy.  Just make their favorite grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.  Then, after the child has held-but-not-tasted said sandwich for approximately 1.5 hours, agree to make a mayo and cheese (seriously?) sandwich for a snack.
  3. How To Maintain Your Sanity While Caring For Your Sick Child:  This is the easiest.  Just calculate the maximum amount of whining that you think you are able to survive and tuck it away in your memory. Later, when you are in need of comic relief, you can pull it out and compare it to the actual amount of whining you have survived.

Any tips for us while we’re in the trenches?


4 Thoughts on “Just A Virus

  1. 105 is scary. But you’re great parents–don’t worry about that part! We just want Nati back to being his usual philosophical self (as in that pithy video interview). Please, tell him and Lily hi from me?

    And thank you so much for letting Akiko and Amelia and me stay at your house. You were kind to feed us deliciously and provide us soft beds–and share your children.

  2. I’m so sorry, I feel your pain! My littlest has been through a “virus” the last week, too. They are the worst. I usually want to punch the doctor when they come in with that diagnosis. Your tips are great :) I would also had to save your sanity lots and lots of screen time. For the sick one and you.

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