Some Things To Be Thankful For

November 23, 2017 · 10:49 pm

1. Reminders

I’m thankful to Shutterfly for sending me an email last week with pictures from 7 years ago. I’ve had a computer or two crash since then and thought I had lost most of the pictures of that fall.

Some Things to be Thankful For

Nati & Yohannes

2. Nurses

I’m thankful for the NP who first noticed Nati’s heart murmur when he came into the office for an unrelated issue at 5 months old.


Nati rocking the hospital gown look.

3. Friends & Family

I’m thankful for my parents, who woke up early to be with us for Nati’s 5 am admission to the hospital, for Yohannes’s parents who were on the phone providing support throughout the day, and for the many other friends and family who visited and offered support during that time.


Nati on a 5 am hospital walk with Grandma & Grandpa.

4. Advances in Science & Technology

I’m thankful for medical and technological advances that allowed Nati’s medical providers to identify his specific condition and repair it.  Echocardiograms and surgical repairs of Atrioventricular Septal Defects both only came into practice in the mid-1950s.  Now, echoes are fairly routine, and AVSD surgeries have a high success rate.

Nati pre-surgery. Those meds made him HAAAAAPY. ;-)

Nati pre-surgery. Those meds made him HAAAAAPY. 😉

5.  Pediatric Cardiology & Cardiothoracic Surgery Teams

I’m thankful for the teams that walked us through Nati’s diagnosis of an AVSD, prepared us for what to expect, performed his AVSD repair surgery, and those who continue to monitor him on a yearly basis.


Nati post-surgery, same day.

6. Quick Recovery

I’m thankful that there were no complications from the surgery, and that Nati was released after 3 days.


Nati with Mama, 1 day post-surgery. (Not a happy camper)


Nati with Daddy, 1 day post-surgery.


Nati & Yohannes, 2 days post-surgery.


Nati & me, 2 days post surgery.




More visitors!


3 days post-surgery: ready to go home!

7. A Healthy Boy

I’m thankful that Nati’s pediatric cardiology appointment last week went well, and that he continues to be healthy and happy.


7 years post-surgery: Happy & Healthy.

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  1. So much to be thankful for!

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