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July 28, 2012 · 11:33 am

When Nati was a baby, I heard and read all kinds of advice that referenced “fussing.”  Particularly, I was looking for advice on how in the world do I get this child to sleep before I lose my mind?  You see, Nati did not sleep on his own.  He needed to be nursed to sleep for each and every nap and bed time, and then frequently throughout the night.  And even once he was asleep, any attempts to detach him from my body resulted in waking up and starting the whole process over.

I think it is a part of being human to want an occasional millisecond of time to oneself. So in desperation, I sought advice on  sleep training.  I researched several methods, each of which had been labeled both Biblical truth and heresy by different groups of zealots.  But each and every method involved some level of allowing your child to “fuss.”

What is this fussing you speak of?  I tried several of the methods, but during the stage when Nati was supposed to be “fussing,” he was instead screaming hysterically.  He did this for a full three hours one time before I couldn’t bear it anymore.  Some people might think I didn’t wait long enough, but three hours of my child screaming hysterically was more than enough for me.  So I gave up on sleep training, and to this day, Nati needs me to cuddle him each night until he falls asleep.

And then there is Lily.  When she falls asleep while nursing, she does this marvelous thing: she unlatches and rolls away from me.  It’s kind of like being in jail and having the doors suddenly pop open. Truly exhilarating.  (Not that nursing is like jail, but freedom is like freedom.) And on the occasions where she is tired and I don’t pick her up right away, she fusses.  Fussing, for those of you who are not familiar, is kind of like crying-lite.  Or gentle whining.  So this is what all those sleep trainers thought my child would do. She does it for a few minutes, and then she falls asleep.  It is nothing short of miraculous.  I think when God made her, he was feeling concerned about my ability to maintain my sanity.


First Food

June 12, 2012 · 5:28 pm

Lily had her first “solid” food last week.  I can’t tell you how excited I was for this day to come.

When Nati was a baby, I couldn’t wait for him to start solid food either.  I had heard a rumor that solid food might push him towards that elusive “sleeping through the night.”  Also, Nati seemed to have developed the deeply misguided idea that breastfeeding was meant to be a direct replacement for the umbilical chord…that is, a permanent and uninterrupted physical attachment to and source of nourishment from Mommy.

Solid food fell far short of my expectations.  Nati did not sleep through the night or develop a new understanding of personal space.  But he did something better.  He made this face.

Lily doesn’t sleep through the night, but I feel like I do get enough sleep for the most part.  She also seems to have a much more practical view of breastfeeding, which makes it worth the effort for me to wear something other than a nursing tank top every now and then if I feel like it. Not to mention the fact that even if she was more like Nati, solid food did little to change his habits.  So it was for the simple pleasure of seeing that confused and disgusted look on her face the first time I offered her solid food that I looked forward to this day.  This might make me sound like a terrible person, but I think mothers everywhere would agree that its fair to take joy in parenting wherever we can find it.

Unfortunately for me,  Lily loves solid food.  From the very first taste of banana that her daddy personally pre-chewed for her (he’s gross), she has been a world class eater.  But I did manage to catch on video a small glimpse of her first bites of banana-oatmeal cereal, which she did not love.

I sincerely love my children.  But there are few things in the world as hilarious as that accusing look a baby gives you that seems to say, “That’s disgusting. Why would you put that in my mouth?”

Who wears it better?  I think I’d have to vote for Nati.


May 8, 2012 · 10:00 pm

I haven’t gone shopping since Lily was born.  I don’t mean clothes shopping, (although I haven’t done that either.) I mean grocery shopping.  Yohannes graciously took on this added responsibility after I explained to him that I. COULD. NOT. DO. IT.  I know many amazing moms who grocery shop with a giant herd of children.  But to me, the idea of Nati having a meltdown and running through the store screaming as I chased after him with poor Lily being jerked around in my arms and a cart full of frozen food melting away unattended, was just more than I could bring myself to do on purpose.

The last week and a half, I feel I have been more productive than usual.  Well, yesterday was one of those days where Yohannes came home and said, “What did you do all day?!” (Of course, very lovingly, etc., but feel free to punch him for that one if you get a chance.)  But other than yesterday, I have been doing better than usual (usual being the key word here).  So I decided, after nearly half a year, to try tackling the grocery shopping by myself.

Success.  Lily sat happily in the baby carrier the entire time, and even fell asleep.  She got a tiny bit fussy at the cash register, but kept it low-key.   Nati was a real trooper. He asked for everything…especially the pink princess hats and the pink princess pillows, and the pink princess clothes.  But he took it very well when I said no. As a reward and because summer is almost upon us (and because I am a giant pushover) he got to pick out a couple things. 

He put the hat on like that all by himself. 🙂

Parenting is Hard, or Why I Love the Rain

April 21, 2012 · 11:04 pm

Parenting is Hard, or Why I Love the Rain

Parenting is hard. To me, the hard part is that it really, really matters.  Just providing food and clean diapers doesn’t cut it.  But the simple reality of being present in the same location with your children 24/7 is hard enough. If I spend all day reading on the couch and put Lily in her swing as much as she’ll allow it and let Nati watch Dora to his heart’s content, at the end of the day I will still feel wiped out. I know this, because I’ve done it often. But now that Lily is past the newborn stage and spring has arrived, I know it’s time for me to take some initiative and do something good and healthy with them. Something like taking them outside every day. Read More →

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