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August 15, 2012 · 5:46 pm

There comes a time in every persons life when you find yourself camped out on your parents basement floor with two kids.  Well…maybe not every person, but I think it’s quite common.  Our house is being sanded and painted.  Carpet is being pulled up and ceiling tiles are being taken down.  Overall, it’s just not a very kid-friendly environment, so here we are.

A luxurious take on nomadic life.

Grandma and Pop Pop’s house agrees with him.

It’s mostly the same as being home.  Except for Sophie.

“All I want is some people food!”

I had to lock her downstairs with the baby gate because Nati can’t eat his supper while she’s looking at him. I’m guessing it won’t be long before Nati’s having that very same fight with Lily. “Mom, she’s looking at me!”   Since I don’t plan on locking Lily downstairs at meal times maybe I should have made him suffer through it, but it’s so rare that he eats voluntarily and I didn’t want to squander it.

Sad face.

Other Sophie moments have included using her as a step master and riding her like a horsey.  This dog has more patience than Job.

While we’ve enjoyed our stay, we’re looking forward to heading home this evening to see the final product (and start the clean up.)

Nati quote of the day:

Nati to Grandma: “Thank you!”

Grandma: “You’re welcome, darlin’ boy.”

Nati: “Mama, I said ‘Thank you,’ and Grandma said, ‘You’re welcome, darlin’ boy.’  I’m a Darlin’ Boy!”