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July 15, 2012 · 2:08 pm

My parents and sister Naomi went down to Richmond to visit my sister Hannah this weekend.  Hannah is getting married in less than a month (!) and they were dropping off some things for the newlyweds’ home.  I sent along these “messages in eggs.”

Message in an Egg.

I saw the idea on Pinterest and thought it would be something cool to try for her Bridal shower.  Before the shower, I blew out 30 eggs and then at the shower, people could paint them and put a note inside with encouragement or marriage advice.  I ended up taking them home to finish the leftovers, which is why my parents took them down this weekend.

If you feel tempted to try this, there are a few pointers I would give you.

1. Do less than 30 eggs.  Like maybe 1. Or 5.

2.  Don’t do it when you have a friend over at your house.  They will see you blowing out 30 eggs and you will look and feel ridiculous.  Then you will both not be able to stop laughing, and you can’t blow out eggs when you’re laughing.

3.  Do it when you have a friend over at your house.  Preferably around breakfast time.  That way there will be more people to eat all those eggs you now have to scramble up.  Pick a good friend, because it is maybe a little weird (verging on gross) to eat eggs that you blew out of their shells.

After the shower and before we sent the eggs down to Hannah, Nati helped me to finish decorating them and stuffing them with messages.

Nati:  Mama, what are we gonna do with the eggs?

Me: We’re making them for Auntie Hannah, because Hannah and Pierce are getting married.

Nati: But Mama, why are Hannah and Pierce getting married?

Me: Because they love each other very much.  Sometimes when people get very big and old [compared to a 2 year old] and love each other very much, they get married.

Nati: Oh…  Nati loves Lia very much, so Nati will marry Lia.

Me: Well, people don’t marry their cousins, but that’s very nice that you love her so much.

Nati: Oh… But who should I marry, Mama?

Me: I don’t know Honey, but you don’t have to decide right now.

Nati: Okay.  How ’bout Grandma and Pop Pop?

Me: Well Grandma and Pop Pop are already married to each other.

Nati: Okay.  But Mama, who should I marry?

I’m not sure how I finally stemmed the tide of questions, but if this is any indication, boy are there a few other talks I am not looking forward to.