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July 13, 2012 · 5:15 pm

Just a follow-up on the vacatastrophe.  The rest of vacation was pretty great. My parents watched the kids a bunch, which was a wonderful break.  Once Yohannes arrived, he helped extra much with the kids too. I got to jump some waves and splash in the pool a bit, and we got to hang out with some extended family. For the 4th, I had planned ahead and brought SPARKLERS!!!  I LOVED sparklers as a kid, so I was super excited for Nati and Lia to be able to try them.  Did you know you get carded when you buy sparklers? Weird.

Well, it turns out that 2 year-olds don’t love sparklers.  Every time we lit one for them, they would freak out and drop it on the ground.  I guess it’s a good thing that they aren’t eager to hold exploding sticks of fire.

Oooooooh. Aaaaaaah.


Could she be any cuter?

No pics from the beach, because how can you even try to use a camera when there is sand and water all over the place?  Best imaginary pics would have been:

1. Me in goggles.  (Turns out you still can’t see your hand in front of your face in the ocean.)

2.  Naomi sticking her tongue out at me, just as a wave came up in her face…multiple times.  (She didn’t seem to understand that I was making her do it on purpose.)

3.  Everyone squealing and doggy paddling around every time our feet touched something in the ocean, even if it was just bubbles.

No great imaginary pics of Yohannes and the kiddos, because they pretty much avoided the beach like the plague.

How many days till the next family getaway? 😉