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Lessons in Parenting #1: How to Put Down a Sleeping Baby (without waking them up)

November 10, 2012 · 4:50 pm

Now that I am a seasoned* mother, I thought it might be helpful if I shared some of the important things I have learned.  I know that I would have benefited from some of this information and I hope that I can be a help and inspiration to others as well.

The first lesson is about how to put down a baby that has fallen asleep in your arms.  I have tried many methods, including, but not limited to, climbing into a hospital bed, crib, and pack & play, laying with my child until they fall asleep, and then trying to climb back out.  I don’t think I have to tell you that trying to silently climb out of a crib with a mobile hanging over it is no easy task.  To save you from some of the trials I have endured, I’ve created a helpful flowchart to show you just how to put down your sleeping baby without waking them up. Good luck! (Double click the flowchart to make it larger.)

*Seasoned is a relative term. If you have more than two children, or any child over the age of 3, you might not consider me seasoned.